God filled sunset


“If it makes your heart sing, it’s a soul thing.”

 One day bubbling with happiness these words spilled on to the card I was making. There before me, lay puzzle piece answers to the most elemental questions of life: the very questions I had been asking of my self since my earliest years.

“Who am I?”

“What am I here for?”

“How come the adults don’t seem to know how to do this thing called Life?”

I now know that my pondering, a prayer some might say, was a need within me, beckoning me, soul calling me toward my purpose for being. Even at 4 years of age, in essence I was asking the universe, the source within me, how to gain insight into the care and nurturing of my own soul.

For many years I forgot my soul song. I wandered, living an outward everyday life, doing many of the things society told me would bring happiness, yet knowing something was deeply crying within me. Always seeking, I functioned in the world of family, relationships, education and the professional world the best way I knew how. I survived. And, I also accomplished some wonderful things.

Yet inside, I often felt hurting, hollow, in hiding. I now realize I was not alone in this way of functioning in the world; however, I didn’t yet know that much of the world also existed in this same manner.

But that day, in the magic of simple prose, answers to my inner questing challenged me boldly, with profound simplicity.

“Linda, Linda love,” my soul spoke, “go search out that which makes your heart happy. Then, I will join you in creating your new soul song~!”

My wish is that here you may find inspiration, musings and aspects that stir your soul, inviting you to consider new ways of questioning, seeing and being in your life.

Today, I invite ‘You’ to come join me in creating Your New Soul Song; in finding those things that make your heart sing, your belly fill with laughter, and your gifts to flow out into the world.

In Peace, Love, and Joy

Expect Miracles!