Mirror, Mirror, what do I see reflecting back at me…..?
Annoyance, humour, AHA moments, all full of possibility~

Years ago strolling along a beach crying not good enough tears, I painfully came  into the moment as I stubbed my toe on something hidden in the sand.  Reaching down, I picked up a small heart shaped rock with a chunk missing from one corner. 
Its metaphorical and metaphysical message struck me profoundly.
Since that day, I have been aware that my most important life’s purpose was first, remembering to love myself deeply;  then from within, I have much to share and offer in love to others.  
In my life, pre-the toe stubbing on the broken hearted rock, the messages blaring through my perceptionary field spoke illusive  concepts of always being good, quiet, sweet, pretty, the perfect size, using the right products, trying hard to own the right stuff and above all pleasing the people cared for, to get love.  These messages led me deeper and deeper into confusion, self doubt, frustration and depression~ de-pressed energy~ since of course, I had wandered a long way away from the real beauty of me~!
As I began to remember my way back to myself by listening to my soul call, things began shifting deeply within me.  AHA’S after AHA continued to drop in; deep understanding of self caring, self responsibility, self forgiveness,  the power of conscious choice, healthy boundaries, mind body spirit connection and the true empowerment of shaping my own life were the universal sign posts leading me back.
As I continue to follow my Soul Song, my life responds and mirrors back to me the beauty and love that has always been in the world, when I hold the willingness to see with clear eyes.
The following quote continues to inspire my adventuresome life.

” The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation but the light would have you soar like the eagle of its sacred vision.”   Cohen~

And the playful part of me  just HAD TO TRY the  ‘take your own picture in the mirror’  trick I have watched children do for years. I am so glad I had the sense of fun to do this; however, I see that  I have photos in TWO  places and I can’t seem to delete one of them. 

Guess My Inner Child Really Wanted To Play


Since fun and playfulness all raise our vibrations….