They may not be the ones our ‘personality’ self wants, however…..

We always have the power of choice from Within.


At many levels now our every day life, our world and our universe are sending out a soul call for change at both the macro and micro level. For me personally, the macro level of  life is a large screen projection of what is happening at the micro level, within the ‘collective’ us. 

Spiritual law states,  what we think about expands, and it is now obviously time to shift our ‘stinkin thinking’ of the past into innovative new ways of being and doing in our own lives and in the world community.

Years ago working through my personal growth process, someone asked me a most important question: “When you open your own practice, what is the first thing you want people to know?”

That shocked me, since I was not yet aware that I would be doing such a thing….still in hiding…from myself. I was ~!

I will borrow a profound statement a client shared with me, after she had a huge AHHAA awareness (and I love her words):


So, after taking a deep breath, I answered: “I would want people to know they have a CHOICE since from my youngest years, it seemed like I didn’t.”

The words I offer now are that we always have the POWER OF CHOICE, and this is indeed a gift; whatever our choice, regardless of the outcome, we have then stretched beyond powerlessness, into action: begun the journey, stated what is true for us, and this step is huge.

The truth is that there are many steps along the way, since life is about the journey. I now term the progression of choice, after choice, after choice Soul Growth and each one of these markers, I term Choice Points, as you may notice on my Category Headings.

Although many choices feel really scary and often come from ‘rock bottom places’ as a friend of mine terms it, they always lead us into new territory. This also, is the only way to invite something new into our lives. Each journey begins with the first step…young children model the incremental import and benefits of baby stepping.

What new choice is calling  to your soul, today ?

What new possibilities might that create for you ?

Welcome to the journey~