Un…Ravelling the Secrets To Un…Cover the Gold


Only now am I aware of the reason I have been challenged to write this post. What I needed to say was no secret, pardon the word play; however, I simply baulked each time I faced the page.

Aware of the esoteric truths presented in the book “The Secret”, I understand that spiritual law states what we think about, we bring about, by the Law of Vibration and Attraction. There are in my experience however, many deeper aspects that need to be addressed in shifting consciousness.

I laughed out loud a few years ago, hearing Debbie Ford state that many people hope to just affirm positively and then life will be wonderful. Her words were:

 “You can’t put ice cream on top of poop and expect a great sundae!” 

How profound.

Virginia Satir’s teachings were the first I found on understanding how  ‘we become who we become’ along the way and her wisdom became a light in the darkness for me when I had a young family.

She compared the top of the iceberg, approximately 10% above the water line to the amount of consciousness people may have about themselves and their world. The other 90% of the iceberg, below water is compared to the subconscious or the subtly programmed unconscious messages that societally  shape our daily lives.

As I followed my inner wisdom in choosing to write this blog I needed to sketch and paint an iceberg; something I have never done before.  I then photographed it and set it up on my blog draft. Every time I walked by my computer for 2 days, it taunted me.

Then last night I dreamed that I was chipping ice ( a theme word playing out here, you may notice ) on the side of an almost clean road. For me the symbolic message of ‘ice’ in my dreams is ‘the need to unthaw emotion’.

This morning I awoke in restlessness, an uneasy gnawing in my being. While dream journalling, the symbolism and ideas coming to me began  to release blocked feelings, bashing  away at old thinking and beliefs, freeing me to open to a broader perspective of my world.   Phewww…  What a ride!

From deep within my subconscious, my submerged iceberg part,  my Soul had been calling me to unthaw the ice cream and let go of more old ‘poop’, so that I could float more buoyantly in the sea of life.  An attractive concept for an astrological water sign, like me!


I have always said:

When I truly follow, spirit has a great sense of humour~~~~~


What might you choose to bring to your awareness?

How might this shift your view of the world?

After all, this is how we begin to seek out our alchemical Gold~!