So We Can Fly Free

Being taken to many different churches in my childhood eventually emerged as a blessing in disguise.  While painfully confusing to me as a young child, I later realized that this experience had been an important aspect of my spiritual development.  After repeatedly hearing the message that this church was the ONLY ONE with the ‘truth’, then attending another and another denomination hearing that no actually this one, no this one was the True Church, I silently began to formulate my ‘God in a Box’ catch phrase.


I was confounded that adults would believe God only shared the whole truth with a particular group: theirs. And even more so, when I heard that this meant that all the others in the ‘wrong’ group, would most surely be going to the H e double l place, or at the very least to a  ‘lesser degree of glory’…..whatever that meant?

Since I was blessed, intuitively guided to always be connected to the God source energy in my heart, in nature, in the love I felt for my sisters, and in many others who did not go to the current church of choice, this adult need to label and attend the ‘right’ church made no sense to me.

All my inward observing and questioning became the catalyst that challenged me to sort out my own spiritual beliefs. Opening to this questioning transferred to other societal systems in my life; an essential process of individuation that allows me to formulate, on an ongoing basis my own deepest truth, as I know it, for today. 

One day, teaching a Health for Life class to adults, I was using the ‘Box Theory’ as a metaphor for limited choice living.  Wanting to share this concept with the class, I drew a square shaped box on the board, extolling the virtues of remembering that no matter how ‘bad’ it looks in the moment, one always has a CHOICE.

This word was written boldly in the middle of the box.  The point being, that choices may not be the great ones we long for, however making a choice, is a choice.  And it always leads to somewhere new. Some how, one can always break out of boxed in situations. A very valuable life lesson to extol, I believed.

I had the class’s full attention and sensed that the lesson was going quite well, which as any teacher knows is a dream moment to treasure in education!  Using the illustration on the board, to emphasize my concept, I heard a voice from the back of the room quietly say: “Linda, look at your middle finger”.

I stopped, looking down at my hand. I was holding the chalk in my right hand, between my thumb and my index finger, pointing to the center of the box with my middle finger for emphasis.

“Humm…”, I said. “I believe that body language is a great subliminal teacher. It looks as if I still have some unresolved issues around feeling boxed in! ”  

 We all burst into laughter.  

I’m sure this was one lesson they will never forget and I like that Divine Humour was my teaching assistant that day, emphasizing the Spiritual Law of The Power of Choice.

How often do you remember to use your power of Choice ?

 From what invisible box might you be ready to break free?

Thanks Luke for you unforgettable demo of stepping out to the box~!  Love Aunt Linda