Are We The Web or The Weaver

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Since the beginning of recordable history, whether in written, artistic or story telling form, there have been numerous references made to the ending of the world: the much prophesied date of 2012.  Many accounts are shrouded in doom and disaster indicating the possible ending of us as a species and or, of the earth itself.

I personally believe as quantum physics tells us, that through our more conscious and loving choices we are collectively shaping the outcome of our future in positive ways.

Whether one chooses to name this shifting of consciousness as Ascension, Evolution, Soul Growth, or Doom and Destruction, it all rings with a similar energy. Like it or not, wherever we look, we see evidence today of disillusion of the old and slowly the emergence of the new connecting us in very creative ways to each other, our environment and to our universe.

Gift of a Micro Level Miracle for Us All

Last summer, I entered the portal of another’s sacred world; the witnessing became indelibley etched in my awareness.  Later the raw prose flowed onto my page…… 

Late at night, sheltered upon my porch amidst a tumultuous storm, I noticed a black speck suspended in mid air between two frail cedar branches.  In spite of the drenching rain, the black dot had huddled into an elliptical orb, swaying upon her web at the whim of the torrential winds: minutiae in the midst of maelstrom. 

I watched in awe, believing the outcome would culminate in the destruction of her fragile, magical home.  Arising early the next morning, I incredulously spied Miss Sophia Spider, now so named for the Divine Goddess she was, busily recreating her tattered habitat strand by strand, unaware of the larger reality surrounding her, from which I watched in reverent awe.

    MISS SOPHIA..2009 134-350

Miss Sophia Spider~

most glorious one ~

teach me to rebuild ~

to sense the strengthened tendrils,

amidst tattered remnants, waving in the wind.  

Share your vision knowing,

melding that which together belongs ~

 letting go of all that no longer matters or even fits. 

Guide me to trust the ebb and flow 

instinctively encrypted within your soul ~

sustaining first oneself and then for the greater good of all.

 Attune me to simply living, living simply~

divining the essential gem,

that I too may focus ~ create and recreate my world. 

Brush upon my heart,

 the canvas of my life

your wisdom, colour, music to guide me in life’s dance.

In harmony with the universe ~ art of weaving that creates ~

Breathe with me your magic

leaving space ~ trusting new will take its place.


What I most treasure from Miss Sophia’s teachings is the fact that she accessed all her own answers; her resourcefulness, courage and know how were  instinctively there for her.

Everything she required, including the very material with which she recreated her world, was already within her own being.~! 



What today’s metaphysicians are telling us, often reads something like this:

JONATHAN CAINER ASTROLOGER ~ Sept. 14, 15th, 2009~

Dear Jonathan,
When political parties have opposing views, one may support a new idea while another rejects it. But sometimes, a way can be found for both parties to support it, albeit for different reasons. Do astrological oppositions work like that? Is there anything that Saturn and Uranus can now agree on? Erik

Dear Erik,
Saturn stands for all that’s structured, established, traditional and restricted. Uranus governs spontaneity, innovation, invention and liberty. If there’s one cause they have in common, it’s the need for people, all over the world, to consider what kind of future they want to create.

A very good question; one we can all ask ourselves.



Miss Sophia knew all her answers.

May we be as wise: after all, Miss Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom in us all.

Blessings ….as we move into the new together