International Woman’s Day Art Show 

OMAH Orillia Museum of Art History March 3- April 9th, 2011
30 Peter’s Street South Orillia  10 -4 each day.

Magic Calls to Me

Magic calls to me from canyons
Glimpses I catch in sunbeam
Moon shadow
Hollowed out log

Magic whispers
Follow me
Dance along
The edges of now

Magic laughs
Smiles from faces as yet unknown
From friends
Friends everywhere I turn
Magic smiles back

And when
When in
Quietude I still and observe

I then see ever truly
Magic graces my whole world.

While visiting the west coast last summer this  beautiful magnolia almost past it’s prime, compelled, drawing me closer and closer. Leaning farther over a high balcony, I almost toppled to the ground attempting to catch its radiant light!

Later looking at the photo, only then did I see the true gift offered me. Its perfect heart center, reflecting  nature’s magical love, took my breath away. 

Profound messages grace my world from everywhere, when I but choose to see with new eyes, listen and follow.

From what magical place might  love offer its gift to you today, stirring your heart into new and exciting awareness?

Will you be ready to listen, follow and open to receive love’s bounty?

May you be graced with anticipation and wonder this day~

In lovelight Linda