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Art~Who Comprehends Her?
With Whom Can One Consult Concerning This Great Goddess?
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Artist is a word I disowned for most of my life. I had closeted that part of me and thereby moved my creativity into a myriad of ventures called by any other name. Then one day turning the next corner of my life, I faced in me the need to paint.

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: YOU MUST DO THE THING YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DO. And so I did. Consulting the great mystery of life, I called out for a new way to create my vision in paint and soon one day I walked into a showing of Intuitive Art. All around me shone the answer to my prayer. Compelling art that spoke deeply to my soul; art that let go of the ‘should’ and ‘should not’ labels. The freedom of a new energy began to enliven the creator in me and as the paint flowed I joined in the artistic dance of life, the swirling, joyous dance filled with the mystery and wonder of it all.

Intuitive Art flows through me and speaks to others in images much like a soulful Rorschach Ink Blot. Its gift is in the diversity of ways that it speaks to each individual. There is no ‘right or wrong’ way to view, interpret or even hang the piece.

Heart'n'Soul Art~ Commissioned Originals
Heart'n'SoulPrint ~ Commissioned Originals










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2 thoughts on “SoulPrint Art

  1. It is amazing how the Soul can express Itself from the Heart, amazing and beautiful.
    I love it.


    1. Mariola~ Thank you for connecting and for sharing so beautifully from your Soul. It’s a gift to connect through art in this way. Lovelight to you always ~ Linda


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