Grandview morning dock

When the ‘Creative’ is Everywhere….

“How come God doesn’t want you to see him Linda?” questioned my tiny but very wise friend, 3 year old Ronnie. I stopped painting the trim on the door and looked into his deep brown eyes, wise beyond his years.  Eyeball  to eyeball  he pierced my soul unblinkingly.

“Ummm, well Ronnie, that’s a good question. I’ll have to think about that one for a minute”, I responded. 

Looking back now, I know that I most likely missed a wonderful opportunity in my speechless state.  Often I would respond to a child’s question with:  “Well what do you think” and from that query, have received some amazing insights. 

Ronnie, son of my friends, had been in my life since his birth. However after his father died when he was the tender age of 2, he became part of our family day care. I held him close, day after day, as he sobbed from the depths of his being, now also separated  from his mother who needed to go back to work.  Over time, we became deeply connected, this tiny sage and me, as we shared in common a well of deep inner quietness and contemplation.   

From this place, Ronnie had posed an ageless philosophical question, debated across the ages. I am not certain I remember how I finally answered him. I do know that it resonated within me from a similar place of seeking.

Ronnie was the echoing voice, the mirror of my own searching: a construct I could share with few others at that time. 

How come God doesn’t want to be seen, Ronnie? From my awareness today, I would now respond to him in this manner.

‘Ronnie, I believe that God /dess,  Source, Great Spirit, Creator ( insert your own words for the universal life force energy) from a great sense of humour gave us a most precious gift by not showing us the ‘Divine I Am ’.  Seeing God would be too easy and you would miss all the really important stuff like how God sounds and feels and how God talks to you and loves you, always.

And you might be looking in only one direction ~ when God is here and there and in the sunshine and the trees and peoples smiles and splashy rain puddles, the dancing music notes, in puppy dog kisses and fairy forests and rainbows, in laughing dolphins and fuzzy warm blankets and ‘specially inside your beautiful heart.’

And I would say to him today:

‘And it’s important to know too, that  ‘God’ is with you also  in the sad times, and the scary: always there in the dark and the light.  The ‘God’ source never changes, it’s only us who may choose to move away from the eternal light and love.

We are also then invited to see the wonder of all the universe, whatever that divine energy is called, through the eyes of our own heart and soul,  just like you did then as a small child, since one must be able to see deeply, to pose such an insightful question.’

For the Creator of all is found in all things. 

 Even in you and me, my precious one~!

Help us Divine All Knowing  to see clearly with wonder, like that of a child: to sense deeply your Presence always.  Open our hearts to the abundant  ‘awe~ someness’  of life that surrounds us, reflecting back to us the reverberating wonder and intrigue of our bounteous world.


What Do You See, when you search for the Creator ?

What do you Sense, Feel, Hear, Intuit?

How does this feed and nurture Your Spirit ?

Warm wishes as you journey ~  Linda